Metro Bilbao Telegram Bot

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This telegram bot is accessible at

The objective of this bot is to have REAL TIME  information about the next trains for a given journey. It also allows to get timetables information for the next 24 hours

The interaction with the user is based on telegram commands, and accepts both text entered stations or your location(telegram provided) so it will offer you the nearest 3 stations.

It allows you to save 2 favourite journeys so you can get next trains just entering one command

Its architecture is formed by just a MariaDB container and a Python container

pyTelegramBotAPI Python library has been used for handling telegram requests and MariaDB DB has been used for storaging station coordinates and names and user favourite journeys.

It makes use of Euskotren and Metro Bilbao non public APIs and is the ONLY available tool  that allows you to planificate a journey using lines 1, 2 and 3 of Metro Bilbao.

  • Type: Telegram Bot
  • Where: Docker containers on VPS
  • Languages and technologies used: Python, MySQL
  • Github repo: no

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