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This telegram bot is accessible at http://t.me/aseosbilbao_bot

This bot was created when during COVID19 pandemic, the restaurants and pubs were closed in Euskadi by the gobernment several times and if you were in a hurry and you need a WC you cannot enter into one of those.

The objective of this bot is to have the nearest 3 public WCs based on your location. Also, as it is really simple, its code can be used as base python code for telegram bots development.

The interaction with the user is based on telegram commands, you send /aseo command and the bots offers you to send your location. Finnally it will send you the location of 3 nearest WCs

Its architecture is formed by just a MariaDB container and a Python container

pyTelegramBotAPI Python library has been used for handling telegram requests and MariaDB DB has been used for storaging WC coordinates and names.

Full code of docker-compose and application itself is available at https://github.com/botmakerdvd/wcbilbao_bot

Also it is included import_wc_bilbao.py that reads WCs from bilbao.eus and updates the DB

  • Type: Telegram Bot
  • Where: Docker containers on VPS
  • Languages and technologies used: Python, MySQL
  • Github repo: yes

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